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Afrak : Google Advertising Specialist

Our commitment to the customer is the key to our success

We are the first and only company that benefits from managing your account and optimizing it. Not charging and transferring Google Adwords accounts.

In other words, the benefit of your promotion is to optimize, reduce your monthly budget, optimize your advertising, and further increase the effectiveness of your ads.

Another benefit of the Google Advertising Company is to charge your Google Account, the more you increase your monthly budget, the more profitable!

We love our work

We love ours so much so that we can see your growth and feel this growth. The feeling that you are happy with our work will make your business thrive and give us the best feeling of satisfaction. We love to optimize your ads.

How do other advertising campaign companies make money on Google?

They will benefit from recharging your account. For example, if they are $ 3750, they will sell $ 4,000 to you $ 430.


  • Dollars pay more for your account
  • The more advertisers spend on Google, the more they earn more.
  • For them, it’s best to advertise $ 2,000 a month to $ 700 (because your margins are higher).
  • Because your profits are subject to a larger budget than your account, you may not use the terms to lower your click costs and monthly fees.
  • They give you the direct account and because you do not have Google expertise, your monthly spend on your account is very high.

How does Afrak make money?

There are many foreign companies that are involved in managing Google Adwords accounts, we follow them as well as the world of science.


  • We will charge you for managing your account.
  • The more ads you spend on Google, the more they make more profit. We will try our best to reduce the cost of clicks and the monthly budget of your Google Adwords account. For them, it’s best for you to advertise $ 2,000 a month to $ 700 (since their margin of profit more than).
  • Quality clicks (clickthroughs that are high on their purchase) will be redirected to your site.
  • We guide you how to turn potential customers into actual customers.
  • Your account is with our experts to inspect and optimize it every day.

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