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LinkedIn advertising

Our commitment to the customer is the key to our success

Linkedin is a social network of professionals, everyone knows this! If you want to show your ads to link users who are almost all well-educated and specialist in the community, just let us know. We will display your advertisement in the form of a highly specialized link in Iran to Iranian users to be of interest to experts and experts in Iran. For the first time in Iran, you can advertise your advertisement across the link and bring your brand to the reputation of professionals.

What are the benefits of advertising on LinkedIn?

Our commitment to the customer is the key to our success


Advertising on LinkedIn is one of the most targeted promotions across the Web. In Linkedin, you are able to display your product or service only for people who are studying or working on a specific field or job.

Increase brand reputation

LinkedIn is able to increase your brand reputation by connecting users with a much higher rate than traditional ones because of the presence of expert users.

High flexibility

Linkedin is capable of setting very high profile advertising optimization. With these settings, you are able to set a spatial range and even a certain time to display your ads.

Accurate census

Linkedin will allow you to view the number of different users entering your ad. These statistics allow you to change your advertising for a better conclusion.

Influence on site rank

Research has shown that increasing the level of advertising on Linkedin will increase your site's rank. We have a lot of other benefits that can lead to the sale of your products in the long run.

easy usage

Creating and managing your ads on LinkedIn is easy. You can see the results of your ads individually or with the advice of specialists.

Why ads on LinkedIn will help you?

    Linkedin will greatly increase your brand reputation among professionals

    Or the attention of the expert statistical society to the sale of products related to the expertise of people with a higher probability will be

    LinkedIn introduces new products or services at a faster rate

    With our specialized advice, you can quickly reach your advertising and marketing goals

    LinkedIn will increase the likelihood of direct sales of your products and services to new customer




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