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Instagram is the most popular social network in Iran. By 2018, more than 25 million Iranian users are active on Instagram, according to statistics from the Statsista website. Despite such a large volume of visits, advertising on Instagram is considered one of the most successful advertising practices in the country’s business environment. We will help you to display your ads with the highest hits on Instagram. With the advice of the expert carriers and the high statistics of Iranian users on Instagram, the success of your promotion on this social network will be guaranteed.

What are the benefits of advertising on Instagram?

Top sales statistics

According to statistics, more than 35 percent of Instagram users have purchased products and services advertised on this social network. This is the highest selling rate among social networks in the world.


Instagram is able to categorize its user accounts based on personal usage or business application. You will be able to display your advertisements only for organizations and companies or for real people.

Easy usage

Creating in-game advertising campaigns is as easy as possible. The entire advertising process on Instagram comes with a complete visual image.

How will Inestram ads help you?

    Due to the high user statistics on Instagram, it will be easier to increase the reputation of your products, services and brand.

    By directly linking your ads and page to your brand, your actual page subscribers will increase.

    Instagram has the highest probability of selling promotional products among the world’s social networks and will increase sales of your products.

    With our specialized advice, you can quickly reach your advertising and marketing goals.

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