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What service is Google Adsense?

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Google Adsense is a service that you can display on your site Google ads, after showing ads and paying you a click on Google ads. It should be noted that your site must be non-Persian language. Advertising on Google is sometimes great. Your potential customer goes to Google , sells the goods or services you sell, and finds your ad. Advertising on Google is classified as highly targeted advertising. And you do not pay any money to show your ad. Also, if someone clicks on your ad and goes to your site, you pay it. And the cost per click is greatly optimized. All expenses, including daily, weekly, monthly and … budgets are under control.

How to make money?

You specify places on your site to show Google ads in those places. After the advertisement is displayed, or when clicking on Google ads, it will charge your site account with the help of the Affiliate to review your Google earnings.

What are Google Service Advantages?

Our commitment to the customer is the key to our success

It's good

You can maximize the revenue of your site with Google Adsense, just add some ad placement to Google!

Simple and understandable

Google needs to check your site and confirm it, then you can start advertising on Google and earn money!


Places required for Google Adsense can be any size and everywhere on the page, just empty one or more places for Google Adventist.

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